Last night, along with 12,500 other people, I was lucky enough to see Niall Horan play at Wembley Arena. 
The whole experince was joyous and life-affirming. 
The performances were polished, with a long setlist that was slick and energetic. The atmosphere was electric. The set was stunning and the lighting was exciting. 
But it was the overwhelmingly kind, friendly and supportive crowd that made the whole night so wonderful. Everyone was looking out for each other - passing water around the pit, helping each other get a better view, making sure people didn’t get separated from their friends. 
We queued for almost two hours to get into the pit. I was older than the majority by at least thirty years. When the young women next to us offered us shelter under their umbrella, it really touched me - and the fact that it saved my daughter from a frizzy hair meltdown was also greatly appreciated! 
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