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Q: Would this work in my organisation? 

A: Graphic facilitation can be useful in any situation where there are tricky conversations to be had, elephants in the room that need to be named, lots of viewpoints to be considered, different stakeholders to engage. It is widely and successfully used across private and public sectors across the globe. It is a dynamic and inclusive way to make any kind of meeting or event more productive. 

Q: Is it just pictures or are there words too? 

A: Helen’s skill is in attentive listening so that she does not lose anything that is said. She uses words and pictures to capture the essence of the meeting / event. She is adept at being able to group and theme ideas, synthesising discussions and helping to guide people to see the connections and patterns that emerge. 

Q: How big is the graphic? 

A: Helen typically works on paper that is just under 1 metre high and somewhere between 2 and 3 metres wide. This is attached to a suitable wall, visible to all participants, with masking tape, which can easily be removed at the end of the event. 

Q: What if there isn’t a wall suitable? 

A: Using masking tape to hang the graphic means that it won’t leave marks on the wall, so usually this works OK. In rooms with large banks of windows, the graphic can often be taped to the glass. In conference venues, there are often display boards which can be used to display the graphic, or these boards can also be hired. With a little creative thinking, we have always been able to come up with a workable solution, even if it has meant cutting the paper to fit an awkward shaped room or splitting the graphic into smaller sections to work around pictures and doors. 

Q: Can you work with another facilitator? 

A: Yes, sometimes Helen will facilitate the meeting and graphically record it at the same time. Other times, she will either facilitate the process or do the graphic recording, working in partnership with another facilitator. 

Q: What happens to the graphic after the event? 

A: It’s yours to keep. People often take photographs of it (as a whole or in sections) and use these for instant sharing on social media. The graphic belongs to the people who contributed to it and we are careful to address any confidentiality issues. Envision always keeps photographs of graphics for our portfolio but will never share these without permission from the owner. It is possible to have the graphic digitally scanned so that it can easily be inserted into documents (reports, funding bids etc.) and this typically costs about £75. Occasionally, Helen is asked to redraw a graphic or a part of a graphic in a different format so that it can be used for publication or dissemination. 
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