Would your organisation or team benefit from taking time out to reflect and review? 
Does your company or organisation have a founding story that needs to be told? 
Creating a team or organisational story can help teams to: 
🌀 Celebrate their successes and achievements 
🌀 Reflect on practice - what is working well and what isn't? 
🌀 Value each individual's contribution to the journey 
🌀 See how a desirable future might pan out 
🌀 Clearly explain their message (values, mission, vision...) to others 
I love working with organisations to help them tell their story. Facilitating the conversation is fascinating and I have sometimes spent a whole day with a team doing this, listening really carefully to ensure that everyone is included and all contributions are recorded. 
The graphic record of a process like this is an important collective version of the story. Sometimes I have been asked to redraw it so that it can be shared with others. It's a great pleasure to go back to an organisation or team and see the graphic still on the wall years later. I will create a visual record of the story, live in the room, so that everyone sees their part in the journey as it unfolds. 
Alternatively, this can be done as a non-live graphic for reports or publicity. I can draw this on paper or on an iPad, depending on what will be most useful for the client. Typically, I will spend a few hours interviewing key individuals to gather as much detail as possible and then create a graphic from there. 
The graphic at the top left here was drawn on an iPad and shows a section of Envision's history, created just as a demo. The others were all drawn on paper and are a mixture of live and redrawn graphics.  
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