The Inspirationals is a group of volunteers who have come together out of a shared desire to connect and give something back to their community. They meet weekly in Maureen Cope Community Hall, also the home of Castlemilk Pantry, supported by Ardenglen Housing Association. 
Over the last few months, the Inspirationals have been gathering recipes for a cookbook. As everyone is affected by the cost of living crisis, they decided to do something practical to help educate people about how to cook healthy, low-cost meals using an air fryer, microwave or slow cooker. 
The group invited Helen to spend a day with them to help them turn their ideas into a concrete action plan. It was a lively and creative round-table discussion, with Helen helping the group to think first about their motivations and back stories to getting involved in the project, then to share what progress they had made so far. This led into some visioning, really concentrating on what the group wanted to achieve with their recipe book and how this could materialise. The final session was some structured action planning. 
After the session, Helen redrew the first three sections of the graphic so that this can be included in the published cookbook (due out in June). She also created a logo for the group, using their ideas of what was important to them. 
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