Did you know…? 
- that seaweed production in Scotland declined dramatically due to the Industrial Revolution? 
- that surgical procedures can now be live-streamed to students via Realwear technology, which enables interaction between the operating theatre and the lecture theatre? 
- that plentiful supplies of carbon dioxide (in the form of dry ice) were vital in the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme? 
Here are just three fascinating facts gleaned during graphic facilitation assignments in the last few months. 
One of the reasons why I love being a graphic facilitator is that I can parachute into a completely different world for a day or two, meet some amazing people and always learn something new. 
Sometimes I have a sense of trepidation as I approach a new assignment in a field I know nothing about but I have come to realise that actually being an outsider is often exactly what is needed and that my ignorance of the subject matter can in fact be an asset. It gives me to ability to listen with fresh ears, with no preconceived opinions, ideas or solutions; to ask questions for clarification (sometimes ‘daft’ ones) that may help to shed light or open up new avenues of thinking; to reflect back and summarise, unpicking jargon, identifying patterns, themes and connections and giving an impartial analysis. 
And along the way, I get to pick up loads of random new knowledge, which is always a bonus… 
As Confucius said, “Real Knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” 
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